Posted on 18 March 2015

Dry Cleaning vs HWE

There are two main methods of carpet cleaning; Dry Cleaning and Hot Water Extraction (HWE) sometimes referred to as Steam Cleaning.

Dry Cleaning 

With this method of carpet cleaning dry foam or dry compound is applied to your carpet. It is then brushed into the carpet and left to dwell to absorb the soil and then vacuumed out.

These methods do not rinse your carpet in any way. Instead, they may leave a residue in your carpet which will cause it to re-soil.

These can be good maintenance methods to keep carpet clean but you would have to use them on a regular basis.

Hot Water Extraction

This is where a pre-spray is applied to the carpet and left to dwell. Then a hot water cleaning solution, under high pressure, is sprayed into your carpets and then sucked out.

The most effective cleaning method is hot water extraction (HWE) or steam cleaning, which is the most popular method used today.

The world’s largest carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction as the primary method of cleaning carpets.

There are two types of hot water extraction machines, 'Truck-Mounted' and ‘Portable’.

Truck-Mounted machines are powered by their own engine with a mounted water tank and waste tank they are self contained and remain fixed in the van outside. A solution hose and a vacuum hose is then led from the van to carry out the clean.

These are far more powerful than the portable machines you can hire from stores and also more powerful than smaller portable units many other carpet cleaners use.

Portable extraction machines are a lot smaller and can be brought inside the house. These machines would need to be filled with water prior to cleaning and quite often emptied and refilled a number of times to complete the clean.

Although they can break up the dirt, bacteria, chemicals and pollens in the carpet, they don’t have the suction a Truck-Mount has to thoroughly draw the dirt and chemicals out of your carpets.

Unless there is an issue with access to a property we would only recommend the larger Truck Mounted machines. Our equipment will clean deeper and leave your carpets dryer, fresher and more importantly healthier than any other system!